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Vessel & Founder of
Dear Women Behind Me ~ The Movement
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"Birthing From Brokenness"

I had to birth "Dear Woman Behind Me ~ The Movement" from my brokenness, my pain pushed me into the proper position and posture of prayer in God's presence. I was in birth position, to deliver this movement unto the earth. Was "I" ready? Was "I" Prepared? Did "I" want to do this? To answer all those questions, BABY NOPE!!! But I had been running from God for a long time, and even the Angels were tired of me and my foolishness.  Therefore, yielded to the Holy Spirit and relinquished all control unto Abba. When I went through my personal healing journey at the beginning of 2023, fighting for my life, I wrote letter to my younger self, telling her how to make it through difficult trails in her life. As a way to free myself of past traumas I survived. Then God told me, that was for my personal healing, it was for all the women that were coming behind me that I would meet that needed my story. So Dear Woman Behind, you too can make it, because I did!!!

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About the Vessel & Founder

Tiara S. Turner is a vessel called by God to be used as an evangelist, motivational speaker, certified master coach, mentor, grant writer, catalyst of change, who has a passion for imperfect women who are ready to discover their power, purpose, and wholeness that's always been within, so they can propel their journey of living their divine version that God predestined for them. Tiara provides teachings and guidance, helping others discover their hidden beauty and power within, as they journey towards healing, wholeness, and a deeper relationship with God. 

Tiara's desire is to inspire women and young girls on a personal, spiritual, educational, and professional level by sharing what she has learned on her own journey. She is driven by faith and desires to motivate and encourage others on their journey to wholeness in a world that often feels unsteady. 

Tiara is also the steward and founder of the 501c3 Non-Profit organization, NuBeauty Witin Ministries, that aims to equip, engage, and empower women and young girls to improve their quality of life. NBWN helps women and young girls in whatever place they are in and commit to helping them with their transformation. They offer a variety of programs, with the largest program to date being, "Save Our Girls Mentoring Program." Tiara started this program in 2013, where she mentors young girls 6-21 years old in person and virtually. 

Inspired by her parents, grandmother, and a host of women growing up, Tiara's late grandmother, Evangelist Christine Davis, and her mother Nannette Morrow, lead the charge of love, service, and generosity towards others in need that Tiara lives by. Tiara earned her Bachelors of Social Work at Miles College. She became a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional to help those in the community access and maintain quality mental health and physical care. Later one she became a Certified Master Coach with The Life Christian College and earned her certification in Organizational and Community Leadership from Liberty University. She has 10 years of experience as a social work. She is a serial Entrepeneur

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Tiara has been featured personally and professionally in the HerPrenuer Network and The Pageant Magazine. Tiara contributed to the community and other organizations such as Decatur Youth Enrichment, Looks of Lupus, Journey of Faith Cancer Organization Generation X Stem Camp. She serves as the youth advisor for the T.H.R.I.V.E. Youth Department at New Life Church in Athens, Alabama under the leadership of Pastor Antoyne L. Green. Tiara received the Inaugural Miles College 50 under 50 Alumni Award in 2022, Proclamation from Mayor Tab Bowling of the City of Decatur in 2020, Proclamation from the Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama in 2021, The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Volunteer Award in 2023, and host of other awards. 

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