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10 OCT

Other Events and Programs:

Tribe Small Groups

Our Tribe Small is a powerful platform created to empower all women in their pursuit of goals and dreams. Women are able to identify with a tribe that best relates to who they are. Our dedicated Tribe Leaders offer invaluable guidance, unwavering support, and continuous encouragement. This initiative is dedicated to engaging, uplifting, involving, and nurturing a mindset that aligns with living by kingdom principles, activating one's God-given power, utilizing gifts and talents for the kingdom's growth, fostering authenticity, and promoting balanced and purposeful lives among women.


Fire Tribal Sista Chats & Workshops

Our Leadership Training Course offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to empower women with essential leadership skills, covering areas like communication, decision-making, and goal setting. By focusing on living by kingdom principles, activating their God-given power, and utilizing their unique gifts to build the kingdom, participants are prepared to become authentic, balanced leaders who lead with purpose and integrity. This program aims to equip women not only with leadership prowess but also with a deep understanding of living a well-balanced and purpose-driven life.


Kingdom Conference & Revivals

Women empowerment revivals and conferences play a crucial role in inspiring and educating women on how to live according to kingdom principles. These gatherings empower women to activate their God-given power, harness their unique gifts and talents, and channel them towards building the kingdom and making a positive impact in their communities. By encouraging authenticity, holiness, and inviting God's transformative presence, these events provide a platform for women to experience personal growth and allow God to pour fresh oil upon their lives, nurturing their spiritual and personal development.


Restoration Retreats

Our Restoration Retreat offers a transformative weekend experience where women can prioritize their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Through activities like worship, yoga, meditation, and workshops addressing stress management and self-compassion, participants are equipped with tools to enhance their holistic health. This retreat aims to guide women in living by kingdom principles, activating their God-given power, utilizing their unique gifts and talents for the kingdom's growth, fostering authenticity, embracing holiness, and opening themselves to God's renewal and refreshing presence.

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